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What replaceable tip bit spare parts are available?

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Spare parts for router bits


The following spare parts are available for Trend replaceable tip router cutters:



  Rota-tip replacement router cutter blades  

When all of the cutting edges on your replaceable tip cutter blade have become dull, you can remove the blade and replace it with a new one. 


Spare blades are available to purchase individually, or in packs of 10 - which are supplied in protective sliding plastic boxes.

  Straight Rota-tip cutter blades  

Straight blades

Straight blades are usually square or rectangular in shape and have straight cutting edges. They are typically found on straight, trimming and profiling, V-groove and rebate replaceable tip cutters. 

  Shaped Rota-tip bit blades  

Shaped blades

Shaped blades, as the name suggests, have shaped cutting edges and are usually found on cutter designed to rout curved profiles. Round over, ogee, and radius replaceable tip cutters all have shaped blades. 

  Reminder to users that you need to find the right blade to match your Rota-tip cutter  

Finding the right blade for your cutter

When purchasing spare blades, you should be aware that each individual model of replaceable tip cutter requires a specific blade, and will not work correctly if the wrong one is used. 

  Reminder to find the product reference code before buying replacement blades for your Rota-tip cutter  

To find the right blade for your cutter, you will need the product reference for your cutter to hand. 


When you have this, you can consult the chart below:

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  List of product codes for Rota-tip cutters  

Blade fixing screws

  Selection of replacement blade fixing screws for Rota-tip bits  

Also available to purchase are the screws that fix the blade to the body of the cutter. There are three different types of blade fixing screws: slot, set (also known as grub), and torx. 


Once you have identified which screw your particular cutter takes, you can consult the Trend website or catalogue page to find the correct size for your cutter. 


Bearing fixing screws

  Selection of bearing fixing screws for Rota-tip cutters  

Replaceable tip cutters with bearing guides below their cutting edges have bearing fixing screws in either Torx or hex designs. 


As above, once you have identified the screw type for your cutter, you can consult the website or catalogue to find the correct size.



  A Torx key and a hex key, for use with Rota-tip bits  

You can also purchase spare keys, which are the devices used to tighten and loosen the bearing and blade fixing screws. 


There are hex and Torx keys available, depending on the type of screw head you have. Torx keys have a six-point star-shaped profile and drive Torx screws, hex keys have a hexagonal profile and drive hex screws and set screws, and slot screws can be driven with a standard flat head screwdriver. 

  Reminder to readers to match key and screw sizes  

Once you have identified which type of key you need, you should ensure the key size matches the screw size before purchasing.


For example, a T9 set screw requires a T9 Torx key to turn it. 

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