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Scribe and profile router cutters

The next pages will explain Trend's scribe and profile router cutters

Scribe and profile router cutters are usually used to shape the edges of two pieces of material so that they fit together perfectly. This is often necessary when making frames, usually for things like windows or doors, but also for things such as pictures, mirrors or cabinet doors.

Professional TCT router cutters - Ovolo jointers and scribers and Profile Scriber Sets, or CraftPro router cutters scribe and profile router cutters.

Scribe and profile router cutters, when used as a pair, are most often used for specific jointing applications such as the creation of decorative doors, window or picture frames, or skirting boards and moulding. It's rare that a scriber would be used on its own for decorative purposes, but, many of the profilers are popular shapes such as ogee or ovolo, and could be used in the same way as those specific router cutters. 

Ovolo scribe and profile cutters are used to create joints for door and window frames. Using the scriber, the ends of both side pieces of the frame can be cut so that they fit together perfectly with the profiled edge of the top and bottom. Sash and glazing bar scribe and profile cutters are used predominantly for the construction of window frames. Classic profile cutters create a more ornate shape than ovolo or glazing bar cutters. Where classic scribe and profile cutters are ornate and decorative, their bevelled counterparts are much plainer and simpler, with the bevel scribe and profile cutters. Another common shape used for framing, ogee scribe and profile cutters can be bought in two sizes. Profiler sets are used in frame and panel construction to cut the panel groove and moulding (also called the profile) on the side edges of all the frame pieces, as well as the mating profile and a tongue (also called the scribe) on the ends of the rails. Combination profile scriber sets usually arrive in the scribe set-up, and parts must be rearranged to cut the profile section. Profile scriber Easysets produce the same joint and use the same components as the combination profile scriber sets. Adjustable chamfer sets are used to produce a chamfer on the top and bottom edges of a workpiece simultaneously. Adjustable rounding over sets are used to round over the top and bottom edges of a workpiece simultaneously. 


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