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Solid surface router cutters

Solid surface router cutters from are designed especially to cut through solid surface materials, particularly Corian, or other similar acrylic based composite materials. These materials are used in many kitchens and bathrooms, usually fitted on top of MDF or chipboard, and form worktops and similar surfaces. Corian is a harder substance than wood or most plastic, and cutters used to machine must be solid carbide or carbide tipped. Wonkee Donkee Trend has a range of cutters specially designed to work with these tough materials. 

Bull nose and bull nose combination cutters can be used to round off the corner of a piece of solid surface to make it more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable to lean on. Double rounding over cutters are configured so that they can round off two edges at the same time. Roman ogee cutters creates not only a rounded corner, but also a bevelled edge for a stylish shape to the edge of an undermount sink or basin. Bearing guided trimmers for cutting solid surface materials work in a similar way to standard trimming and profiling cutters, in that they can level off the edge of a surface that incorporates an inlay or veneer by removing any inlays or overlaps. Dished ogee cutters can be used to create a decorative 'step' around the edge of a work surface, or a raised edge that prevents water spillage. Roman ogee bevel cutters are used for the same purposes as dished ogee cutters, but feature a longer and flatter curve to their cutting edge. Waterfall edge cutters are used to produce a raised lip around the edges of a work surface. 

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