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V-groove router cutters, chamfer router cutters, bevel router cutters and engravers

The following pages look at the Trend router cutters that have angled edges and are usually used for producing bevels or chamfers. 

The largest selection of V-groove and chamfer router cutters from Trend can be found in the Professional TCT range, and the CraftPro range currently carries 26 chamfer router cutters. Other ranges have a more limited selection of router cutters, with Rota-Tip V-groover cutters available with either a ½" or ¼" shank and Trade range chamfer cutters have three to choose from, including a guided chamfer cutter

Bevel router cutters are available with a wider range of cutting edge angles than most standard chamfer and V-groove router cutters. Those that are not self-guided tend not to have the bottom cut facility, as they are usually intended for use on the edges of workpieces only.

Engraving router cutters are typically much thinner than regular V-groove and chamfer router cutters, which makes them suited to the often intricate and delicate task of engraving. 

What is the difference between a chamfer and a bevel?

A chamfer is usually used to refer to a sloped edge that connects a horizontal surface to a vertical surface. A bevel is usually used to refer to a slope that extends all the way down from the top edge to the bottom edge of a piece of material. The term 'bevel' is sometimes used to describe chamfers as well in the world of retail and general DIY.


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