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Router "how to" guides

Guides for using routers for different cutting applications

How to cut a groove or housing with a router & guide fence - Using a router to cut a groove 

How to cut a circle or arc with a router and beam trammel - Cutting out circular shapes with a router

How to cut out inlays with a router - Cutting decorative inlays with a router

How to carve letters and numbers with a router - Using a template to cut numbers or letters with a router

How to round over an edge with a router - Rounding over a sharp corner on the edge of a material 

How to make a finger joint with a router table - Using a router table to cut the fingers for finger joints

How to cut a stopped groove on a router table - Cutting a stopped groove with a router mounted in a table

How to cut curves or irregular shapes on a router table - Cutting out irregular shapes using a router

How to plane straight edges on a router table - Planing a straight edge on a material 

Working in different materials with a router - Using routers with different woods and other materials

Router guide fence, hand-held routing accessories, edge guide, guide fence

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