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Trend router tables


router table is a particular type of table where a suitable hand-held router is fixed, upside down, to the underside of it and the router bit, or cutter, protrudes through an aperture in the surface of the table. The router will then cut from the surface of the table. Material can then be fed along the tabletop, against the router cutter. Router tables have many accessories that make them suitable for many different cutting and shaping jobs. They greatly increase the usefulness of your router.   


Trend produce a Professional router table as well as a CraftPro router table, both of which are expertly designed to their high standards. Wonkee Donkee Trend supply all Trend branded routers, router tables, router cutters, and accessories for all you routing needs. 


Most routers are designed to be used as a hand-held power tool or a stationary power tool that's mounted in a router table. You can buy router tables that are designed to take the most brands of router. Wonkee Donkee Trend currently supply Trend's CraftPro router tables and Professional router tables that are compatible with most popular routers.

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