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Routers -

Basic information on router power tools from Trend. Routers are common power tools

Trend are the UK's leading producer of routing technology. They produce top quality routers, router cutters, router bits, and router tables. They also produce biscuit jointers, saw blades, diamond cutting tools and sharpening stones.

This section covers:

What is a router? - What is a router power tool

What are the different types of router? - Routers can be plunge routers or fixed base routers

How does a router work? - How this power tool works

What are the basic parts of routers? - The parts of routing machines

What accessories are available for routers? - Popular routing accessories

What is a router jig? - A guide to router jigs

What is a router table? - Routers can be mounted in tables to increase their versatility 

What are the parts & accessories of a router table? - Details of router tables

What to consider when choosing a router - Things to think about if you want to buy a router



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