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What router accessories are available?

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There is an array of router accessories available which can greatly increase the versatility of your router. Most routers you buy will include a few basic accessories with them, and many other accessories can be bought separately. When buying accessories, always check that they are compatible with your particular router, and if any specific guide bushes or cutters are required.


Router side fences 

  Router making cut with guide fence, router, hand-held router, router guide fence, workpiece  

A side fence (also called a guide fence or edge guide) is a type of accessory that fits into the base of the router and works as a guide for cutting along, or parallel to, a straight edge. Most side fences consist of a base, sometimes called the cheek, with a flat edge, and two guide rods which slot into corresponding channels on the router's base which allows the router to be moved to different distances from the edge. Most quality routers include a side fence, but they can also be bought separately as accessories or spares.


Router beam trammels

  outer beam trammel, beam trammel, hand-held router accessories, routing accessories  

A beam trammel is an accessory that allows you to rout consistent circles or arcs in various materials. Most models have a fairly simple design, consisting of a long straight rod with a sharp point set at a right angle on the end, or you can get a beam trammel attachment with a sharp point which can be fitted to a guide rod from a side fence.

  Using beam trammel with router, pivoting router around pivot point  

The rod is inserted into one of the channels in the base of your router and can be secured in place at various positions along the rod, so you can alter the radius of the circle or arc. The point works as a pivot point to guide the router in a uniform circular motion. Some routers may include a beam trammel or beam trammel attachment, otherwise, they can be purchased separately. 

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      Wonkee Donkee says: 'Did you know that 'trammel' is also a term for something that restricts activity or progress? A beam trammel restricts the cutting path of the router, which is maybe where it gets its name'  

Router collect sleeves 

  Collet sleeves and adaptors for router cutters. Smaller router bits can be held with a collet sleeve  

A collect sleeve is a simple metal sleeve which fits inside the router's collet to reduce its size. This means it can take cutters with smaller shank diameters that it would normal be able to. They should only be used as a temporary measure as using the correct size collet is always recommended. They should not be used for extensive periods or heavy work.


Router guide bushes

  Guide bush, guide bushing, template guide, copy ring, router accessories  

A guide bush, also called a "guide bushing", "template guide", or "copy ring", is an accessory that fits into the router’s base plate and guides the router around the edge of something like a jig or template. The guide bush resembles a flat disc which slots into the hole in the router’s base plate. Where the cutter protrudes through the bush there is a round collar, or spigot, which rides along the edge of any guide to replicate its shape. A guide bush is always recommended when following jigs, templates, or other guides, as they protect the cutter. 

  Guide bush spigot rides along edge of material when routing, using guide bush with router  

Bushes can be used when routing around inside or outside edges and corners. Guide bushes are usually made from steel, brass or plastic, and one or more sizes of bush will usually be included when you buy a router. You'll probably need more than one bush as different sizes are needed for different cutters and for altering then offset. The offset refers to the distance between any template and the cutting edge and will vary with different sizes of bush and cutter. 


For more information on the offset of guide bushes, see: What is a router jig?

  Guide bush and guide bush collar  

Guide bush collars

A guide bush collar is a ring that fits onto the spigot of a guide bush. It allows you to rout both the recesses and inserts needed when inlaying, using a single template. A collar will either be supplied with a shop-bought template or, if bought separately, will specify which template it should be used with. When routing the inlay recess, the collar is fitted around the spigot and guided against the edge of the template. When routing the inlay itself, the collar is removed, allowing the guide bush to ride against the template. This produces a shape that will fit perfectly into the inlay recess.


For more information see: How to cut out inlays with a router


Router jigsshop for jigs

  Dovetail jig, routing jig, router jig, hand-held router accessories  

A jig is a specialist template used to hold a workpiece and guide the tool which is working it. Due to the versatility of a router, there are many different jigs available for assisting with specific jobs. They may be fairly simple setups, like a jig used for hinge placements, or they may be more complex, like the jigs used for cutting various joints.


For more information on the different jigs and templates available see: What is a router jig?

      Wonkee Donkee says "you can also get materials and accessories so you can produce your own unique jigs with your router  
  Hand-held router accessories, using circle router template, routing a circle, circle template, router template, using a router  

Router templates

A template is usually the name given to some types of jigs or guides used with routers, usually the ones which are more like basic stencils. They are often made of solid laminate or acrylic and will have one or more slots of different shapes cut into them. Common templates include lettering, simple shapes, and decorative lines.


Router fine height adjusters

  Fine height adjuster for a trend router. Other routers can also use these fine height adjusters  

Fine height adjusters can be used with some routers to precisely set the height of your router cutter when accuracy is particularly important. They are an accessory which can control the depth stop by being turned for extra-fine adjustments. This delicate adjustment is usually recommended when using the router with a dovetail jig or router table. Some routers have one of these included when you buy them, other may have them available as an extra accessory.

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