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Respirators and safety goggles from Trend

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Airshield Pro   

  Airshield Pro from Trend - powered respirator from Trend for woodworking  

This Trend AIR/PRO Airshield Pro Respirator 230V UK  follows the original Airshield from Trend, but it has been developed and improved for extra comfort and efficiency, while remaining at an affordable price (accessories and spare parts are still available for the standard Trend Airshield is you have the original model). This respirator provides a twin filter efficiency of 98%, these filters are easy to change. The face seal and hood provide maximum protection for eyes and face, and it keeps hair free of dust. The low-medium energy impact visor is replaceable.      


The weight of this respirator is balance effectively, with the heavier components being positioned away from the forehead. This makes it easier to wear when working for long periods of time. The fan, filter, and battery can be easily accessed by the removable brow guard. The battery runs for 8 hours when fully charged and is a Ni-MH rechargeable battery that is charged while fitted into the unit or the optional remote cradle charger

  Airshield Pro from Trend for safer woodworking and routing  
  Full face respirator for use with MDF and timber when sanding, routing or machining  

The Airshield Pro includes some safety features that make judging air flow simple. An airflow indicator is included. This can be used to test the flow of air before you begin working. There is also a low battery indicator that sounds when the battery is low enough to affect air flow. The Airshield Pro also includes clips for attaching accessories, specifically, the lightweight, passive clip-on ear defenders with SNR-26 (standard noise reduction).      


The eye protection provided by the Airshield Pro is recommended for DIY, craftsman, and professional use, approved to standard BS EN 166 (medium energy impact), and respiratory protection (NPF50) is approved to standard BS EN 12941 THP2. It has a headband size of 520mm-620mm and weighs 995g. It has a motor sound level of 70bD. The maximum airflow is 200l/min (when fully charged, with a minimum airflow of 160l/min. Included with the Airshield Pro are an 8-hour battery and charger, two THP2 fine filters, a clear visor overlay, an airflow indicator, a pair of accessory attachment clips for ear defenders, and a carry bag.   

  Powered respirators protect you from dust when using a router  
  Airshield Pro accessories and spare parts. Trend UK routing technology  

Airshield Pro accessories and replacement parts

Replacement filter packs are available and include a pair of filters and can easily be replaced when the airflow through them is reduced. The clear visor overlay can also be replaced, to ensure the vision stays clear, with packs of ten available to buy. Replacements are also available for the 8-hour battery and UK charger (230v). If you have more than one battery, you might want to buy a remote cradle for charging the spare while the other is being used in the unit, significantly reducing tool downtime. For ear protection, you can buy the durable clip-on ear defenders that clip easily onto the attachment clips included with the Airshield Pro. The ear defenders weight just 180g, they have cushion pressure for comfort and a durable ball joint so they can be quickly changed between airing and resting.

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Airace dust mask   


The Trend Airace safety respirator is a durable half face mask that has a replaceable filter system, making it ideal for DIY construction, industrial work, and many other trades. It’s designed for use when routing, sanding, machining, and general woodworking, with a rubber face seal for added protection and comfort. It provides respiratory protection to BS EN 143 (P2) and conforms to standard BS EN 140.

  Airshield face mask for protection against dust inhalation  
  Airace dust mask for half face coverage  

The Airace has been an Assigned Protection Factor of 10 and has a surface area five times greater than the average dust mask so it provides exceptional protection from dust and significant cost savings. It has a vents with one way exhaust valves that direct exhaled air downwards which keeps the filter dry and prevents clogging, to prolong the filter’s life, and also means safety goggles or the optional visor will not become fogged. 


The Airace comes with two electrostatic filters with protection classification of P2 (for filtering at least 94% of airborne particles). They provide around ten times the life of most disposable dust masks and protect against hazardous metal fumes, toxic dust particles, and mist down to 0.3 microns.  Optional P3 filters (for filtering at least 99.95% of airborne particles) are available as spares, these are recommended when working with hardwoods and MDF.

  Airace dust mask for routing  
  Face mask respirator, half face dust mask for woodworking   

Airace accessories and replacement parts

Spare P2(R) filters are available in single packs or packs of five. The click in valve set and the adjustable elastic strap can also be replaced if necessary. The optional accessories that are available include the P3 filters that take the Assigned Protection Factor to 20 and can be used to protect against the more hazardous particles, and a nuisance filter that can be fitted over the P2 filter to block odours and smells below the occupational exposure levels so the mask can be used for things like working with animals, making this face mask particularly versatile. A clip on visor with medium protection against high-speed particles for eye protection, and a plastic storage case for protection from dust contamination are also available.


Safety goggles   

  Safety goggles are recommended for when routing  

Trend’s safety goggles are perfect for routing applications of any kind, as well as other similar tasks where eye protection is recommended. They have a fully adjustable headband and soft facial contours for a comfortable fit that can be used over most pairs of glasses. It provides all round eye protection with indirect vent holes to prevent them steaming over. They have been approved to EN 166:2002 and are suitable for high-speed particles – medium and liquid splash. 

  Wear safety goggles when using a router or sander to protect your eyes  

Safety spectacles 

  safety spectacles from Wonkee Donkee Trend UK  

New for 2016, Trend have designed some stylish safety spectacles  with a smart, lightweight wrap around frame and curve lenses for a secure, comfortable fit. The hard-wearing scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses provide low energy impact protection against high-speed particles, as well as UV protection. They are certified to EN 166:2001 standard for Protective Eye Protection and come supplied with a fabric storage bag and cleaning cloth. Choose from clear lenses  or tinted grey lenses .

  safety spectacles from Wonkee Donkee Trend UK  
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