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Things to consider with Trend router bits

Some things you might want to consider when choosing new router bits or router bit sets

When you want to buy router bits, there are a few things that it might be worth considering, so you choose the right type for the job you need it for. There is a huge choice for different router bit profiles.

What are the different types of router cutter? - There are a lot of different types of router bit you can choose from, this a brief look at some fo the choice you will find

What are the different Trend router cutter materials? - The different things that Trend router bits can be made of

Trend router cutter flutes - The forms of flute that you will find on various Trend router bits and how they work

How are Trend router cutters sized? - A guide to how Trend router bits are sized

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Note - You must also consider safety when routing.

  • Wear ear defenders if you are routing for a sustained period.
  • You should always wear eye protection such as safety goggles or a visor that fully covers your face.
  • Don't allow anything to hang over the work area (you shouldn't wear loose clothing that could get in the way like a tie). Roll long sleeves up and tie long hair up.
  • Keep your fingers away from the cutter and never try to stop or slow the cutter by hand.
  • Never leave router bits lying where they may cause an injury. Store them where they won't cause damage to other tools. Always return them to a safe and suitable storage place.
  • Avoid being distracted or startled by sudden interruptions when using power tools.
  • If you're routing for any prolonged period you must use appropriate dust extraction equipment or a powered respirator
    with a visor. When working with materials such as Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) you must use a dust extractor or respirator as the dust can be toxic.
  • Practice the task before you start cutting and focus carefully on what you are doing when using any power tools.
  • Always feed the cutter into the material against the rotation of the cutter when using as a hand held router.
  • Before you turn the machine on, and between each operation, check that all the locking knobs, screws, and nuts are fully tightened. Also, check the anti-vibration springs have been fitted to each locking nut according to the original specification. You should consider fitting anti-vibration springs to those machines not supplied with them as standard.
  • If the cutter protrudes from the base of the router (i.e. fixed at a set cutting depth) then you should not switch the router on while the cutter is in contact with the workpiece. A simple stand can be used to avoid accidents while the cutter is still revolving when the operation has been completed.
  • When cutting rounded shapes or circles you must make sure the cable doesn't twist excessively. Regularly stop the machine and unwind the cable in the reverse direction.
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