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The Trend Snappy Quick Release Drill System

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The Trend Snappy drill system is the perfect way to increase productivity on site, in the workshop or at home.

Traditional chucks used on power drills and screwdrivers require the use of a key to turn the sleeve and tighten the chuck, or, the sleeve or shell can be tightened by hand. More modern tools may have a quick release or magnetic chuck.      

  Quick change drill system for power drills  

The Trend Snappy range of tools is built around the Quick Chuck; a spring-loaded chuck that will fit into a standard chuck and allows for really fast interchanges between a huge range of tooling.    

  Fast change chuck for power drills  

Even better, this comprehensive range of tools is also able to easily fit directly into traditional drill chucks and impact driver chucks, even without the Quick Chuck. The Quick chuck itself is also compatible with ¼” hex shank power bits. Most bits in this range are available individually, but if you prefer we have a selection of Snappy sets that provide excellent value.  


Like a magnetic bit holder, a quick-release chuck has a magnet in its base that connects with the bit's shank, it also has two metal ball bearings inside that engage with the sides of the bit to hold it more securely in place than a standard magnetic holder. The spring-loaded outer sleeve of the Snappy Quick Chuck is used to easily remove the bit when you’ve finished.   

  Packs of drill bits in holders specially made for them  
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Trend Snappy Quick Chucks     

  Quick Chuck for changing tooling as fast as possible  


Currently, Trend produce a Standard Quick Chuck, this fits into any key or keyless ⅜” chuck and then accepts any Quick Change hex shank attachments or any ¼” direct drive hex bits. They also produce Quick Chucks for SDS+ plus drills and Festool® Centrotec chucks. More specialist Quick Chucks in this range are the Yankee® shank, for Yankee® Spiral ratchet screwdrivers (5/16” No. 131A), the Magnetic Quick Chuck, that can hold wood screws when used with insert bits, and Extra Long Chucks, to allow for ease of access in certain circumstances.


The Snappy range also includes the Hand-Driver, a quick chuck built into a sturdy plastic handle that can replace a hand screwdriver or a similar tool. The Hand-Driver is supplied with a magnetic screwdriver holder and a No.2 Pozi® bit, or you can opt for the set that also includes a 31 piece bit set that covers all different screw fixing options.

  Hand screwdriver with a quick chuck built into it  

Trend Snappy Bits and Sets    


The innovation and technology possessed by Trend is fully utilised with the Snappy range, making it the most comprehensive range of quick-change tooling currently on the market.

  Drill and screwdriver bits. The auger removes waste as it cuts  

Augers and Stub Augers

These bits have overall lengths of 155mm or 105mm for the Stub versions. These bits are made with high-quality carbon steel and require the drill they are used with to be torque controlled. Auger bits feature spiral-shaped blades that are designed to drill deep holes in wood while removing waste material from a borehole with a screw conveyor action, meaning they are less likely to get jammed.


Centrotec Compatible

The Centrotec chuck from Festool® is designed to achieve true running precision that is ten times better than that of a standard bit holder to help you drill perfect holes each time. This special chuck can be fitted to all Festool cordless drills with a FastFix interface. Trend have now produced a range of drill countersinks and drill bit guides that will fit the specially designed Quick Chuck with Centrotec shank, so they can be used with this improved model.   

  Festool centrotec compatible bits for versatile tooling solutions  
  Countersinking drill bits  

Counterbores and Countersinks

The terms counterbore and countersink are sometimes used interchangeably for setting fastenings below the surface of a material, however, there is a difference in the shape at bottom of the hole. Countersinking will produce a conical hole that matches the angled shape on the underside of a flathead screw. This hole can be shallow so the screw rests flush with the surface of the material when driven in, or it can be deeper so a plug can be installed above the screw once it has been set to cover the screw head and hole, producing a flush surface. 

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Counterboring will create a flat-bottom hole, which allows the head of a screw or bolt with a flat underside to rest solidly in the hole, often atop a washer. While the hole above a deeply set flathead screw is usually the same size as the screw head, the hole created for a counterbore is usually larger than the head to allow room for both the washer and the driving tool. We have a selection of Snappy countersinks and counterbores to choose from, including hole countersinks and drill countersink sets. 

  Recess a fastening below the surface with a counterboring bit  
  Guides for drill bits that improve accuracy when drilling pilot holes  

Drill Bit Guides

Drill bits with guides fitted to them can also be called self-centring drills as the guide is used to accurately position the drill to produce precise pilot holes. The guides are removable so they can be easily cleaned. 



There are dozens of different types of general drilling bit in the Snappy range for drilling timber and other materials. Bits in this category include hex dowel drills that have brad points for deeply boring into wood for dowels to be accepted. You’ll also find masonry drill bits, stepped drills, glass cutting drills, and more.

  Snappy range of drill bits for power drills and screwdrivers  
  Selection of drill bits suitable for engineering jobs  

Engineering Tools

These tools are designed to achieve various tasks that are commonly completed by engineers. Many of the drills in this range can be used with plastics and sheet metals, materials too abrasive for many other drill bits. This collection includes magnetic nut drivers; de-burring countersinks that can countersink in wood and plastic, as well as de-burr metal; taps for torque control screwdriver that will thread metals and plastics; step reamers that are ideal for jig making; and tapered drills that can be used with natural timber, engineered boards, sheet metal, and plastic.


Flat and Machine Bits

Flat bits, sometimes called spade bits, are used for producing quick but slightly rough boreholes in timber. These flats bits feature a centre point, back tapered cutting edge, and ground chip breakers. They are often used by electricians and plumbers to bore through timber when they need to insert wires or pipes.

  Spade drilling bits have flat heads for roughly cutting holes  

Circular hinge drill bit for recessing wood


Machine bits are typically used to drill blind holes for circular hinges, the types that are often used for cabinet and kitchen doors, and they are sometimes called hinge bits. They are designed to be used in drill stands. 


Hex Forstners

Forstner bits are the perfect way to produce clean, smooth boreholes, typically, with a flat- bottom, but they can also be used to cut through wood as well. Forstner bits are primarily guided by their outside rim, where other bits are typically guided by their tips. This feature means that these bits can be used to produce holes in places many other bits would not be able to, such as holes that overlap, holes that run through knots or other defects, holes set at angles and drilled with a drill press, and produce on the edge of a material. 

  You can drill holes in knots with no problems with round drill bits that are guided by their edges not their tips  
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  Cut larger holes with a hole saw attachment  

Hole Saws

The Snappy range currently includes a seven-piece hole saw set that contains six hole saw attachments of varying sizes. The wood saw drill is 6mm with a drilling depth of 32mm and the saws produce holes with 64mm, 57mm, 51mm, 44mm, 38mm, and 32mm diameters.


Plug Cutters

Plug cutters are designed to cut out the plugs used when a fastening has been countersunk and you want to produce a flush finish on the surface of the wood. They are designed to be used with pillar drills and the plugs will suit the Snappy countersinks. Standard plug cutters produce plugs that are slightly tapered, while tube plug cutters produce plugs with parallel sides. Plug cutters sets are also available, including sets with corresponding countersinks.

  Cut perfect plugs with tapered or parallel edges  
  A comprehensive collection of screwdriver bits that are quick change  

Screwdriver Bit Holders, Screwdriver Bits and Sets

The Snappy range includes a vast variety of screwdriver bits and the holders that allow them to be used with the quick release system. The bit holders available provide you with an excellent opportunity to turn a standard screwdriver into a hugely versatile tool. For screw drive bits, we have magnetic holders, including extra-long holders; offline drivers that allow for a 20-degree, swivel so you can screw fixings even when space is tight, such as close to walls; angled attachments that will hold screwdriver bits at 90-degrees; and a countersinking flip over set that includes a quick-change shank for use with the Trend Snappy Quick Chuck.


The individual screwdriver bits themselves are available in many sizes and types, including Pozi, Phillips, slot, torx, and hex and ball end hex bits, there is also a selection of high-performance bits with increased life and safety retainer sleeves. Sets for screwdriver bits offer you exceptional value for money. We currently have a 31 piece set with a magnetic holder and 30 assorted 25mm screwdriver bits that come in a plastic case; a 56 piece set that contains a magnetic bit holder, seven 75mm long power drive bits, and forty-eight 25mm insert bits of different types that are colour coded and come in a storage case; and a 41 piece set, in a storage case, that includes a bit holder, a hand ratchet screwdriver, a mini ratchet, a square drive bit adaptor, five spline sockets, twelve 25mm insert bits, and twenty mini insert bits.

  Screwdriver attachments that can be changed quickly and easily  
  Tool cases to safely store your drill ad screwdriver bits  

Tool Holders and Cases

To ensure you can easily and safely store your Snappy tools, we supply a stylish and practical range of tool holders and cases. This includes cases for Forstner bits and flip-over sets, as well as tool holders for 14, 30, 32, and 60 pieces.

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