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Trend industrial tooling

Wonkee Donkee Trend sells industrial tooling products online. The following pages look at some of the products produced by Trend and delivered by Wonkee Donkee Trend across the UK.

PCD router cutters  are specialist router cutters. The PCD stands for Polycrystalline diamond. Diamonds that are bonded onto tungsten carbide tips and are particularly wear-resistant, meaning these cutters will outlast TCT equivalents several times over. This reduces tool downtime.

The high wear resistance of these cutters  makes them ideally suited for use with many different materials. They can be used with hard natural woods and many man-made boards, including HDF, MDF, plywood,  particleboard that’s laminated or veneered, hardboard, and solid laminate. 

PCD cutters are especially suited to specialist and high-end production applications. They provide an accuracy of cut throughout their life. These cutters are designed for use with CNC or NC router. They can also be used in fixed head routers with an auto-feed. They cannot be used in hand-held routers.

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