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PCD tooling-

Polycrystalline diamond router cutters

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  PCD tooling - diamond coated router cutters for CNC and NC routers  

PCD router cutters  are specialist router cutters. PCD stands for Polycrystalline diamond, which is bonded onto tungsten carbide tips. These diamonds are particularly wear-resistant, which means these cutters will outlast TCT equivalents many times over, to reduces tool downtime.They are particularly suited to specialist, and high-end, production applications. They also provide an accuracy of cut throughout their long life. These cutters are designed for use with CNC or NC router, or fixed head routers with an auto-feed, and they cannot be used in hand-held routers (The exception to this is the PDC for Gemstone worktops – see below for details).  


PCD technology produces exceptional tools, but they must be handled correctly to ensure they perform at their optimum. The diamonds are extraordinarily strong but they are also delicate, these cutters  must be handled with care as they can be prone to fracturing. For this reason, they are supplied in a protective box that should be used to store the cutter when it’s not in use. You should also try to ensure that any PCD cutter is protected when inserting or removing it.   

  PCD router cutters for extended life - From Trend UK  
  Cleaning and caring for router cutters  

To clean these cutters you must only use a cellulose thinner or similar solvent cleaner, such as a Resin cleaner, and no wire brushes or scrapers should ever be used. To reduce the build-up of resin on these cutters, it’s recommended that you use a quality dry lubricant such as Trendicote PTFE spray and apply rust protection to the shanks. You should also check the cutter and the collet the cutter will be fitted into before each use. Any distortion to the collet or collet nut can damage the cutter, so distorted collets need to be discarded.   


The high wear resistance of these cutters  makes them ideally suited for use with hard natural woods and many man-made boards, such as HDF, MDF, plywood, hardboard, particleboard that’s laminated or veneered, and solid laminate. However, the cutting edge technology used for these cutters does make them expensive, which is why they will usually only be used for high-end production and specialist tasks. The abrasive natuer of the materials these cutters are used with means Current Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for eyes, ears, and respiratory protection must be worn and dust extractors must be used. Respirators such as Airace face mask, or Airshield Pro, that also provides eye protection, can be used.


Trend’s range of PCD cutters contains the following cutters:

  PCD tolling from Trend UK  

Disposable PCD for MDF

  Disposable PCD cutter for MDF from Trend UK  

Trend's disposable cutters for MDF  have a single flute design and have a TC plunge tip. They are specifically designed for cutting MDF, and also hardboard and solid laminate. They have the typically long life of a PCD tool, but these cutters cannot be resharpened, so they have a shorter life than most of the other Trend PCD cutters, that can be resharpened. Three sizes of this cutter are available - one with a 12mm shank and 12mm diameter , the other two have ½” shanks, one has a diameter of 12.7mm (½”) , while the other is 15.9mm (⅝”) in diameter.  


Serviceable PCD for MDF


These serviceable MDF cutters  also have a single flute design with a TC plunge tip, as the single flute will prevent edge lines. This cutter is also perfectly suited to cutting hardboard, solid laminate and MDF. The advantage these cutters have over disposable cutters is that they can be re-sharpened, this will give them an even longer life. All the available cutters of this type have shank diameters of ½” and come with cutting diameters of 12.7mm (½” ) , 15.9mm (⅝”) , and 19.1mm (¾”)

  Serviceable PCD cutters for MDF - industrial tooling for CNC routers  

Serviceable PCD for chipboard

  serviceable pcd cutter for chipboard with laminate  

These serviceable PCD cutters  are specifically designed to cut grooves in veneered or laminated chipboard, and plywood boards. The segmented tip, and up-cut and down-cut shear, helps to prevent breakout on laminates or veneers. Because they can be resharpened, these cutters have an exceptional tool life. These cutters all have ½” shank diameters and are available with cutting diameters of 12.7mm (½”) , 15.9mm ( ⅝”) , and 19.1mm (¾”) .


Serviceable T-slot PCD


These serviceable PCD cutters are designed for cutting T-slots in slat walls so that plastic extrusions can be accepted. Slatwalls are usually made from MDF with a coating of laminate or melamine paper. These cutters can be resharpened and is highly wear resistant. They are currently available in one size with a ½” diameter shank and a cutting diameter of 30mm.

  t-slot pcd cutter  

PCD for Gemstone worktops

  gemstone worktop pcd cutter from Trend  

This PCD cutter  is designed for routing Gemstone worktops. Gemstone worktops are comprised of 28mm high-performance chipboard with a 6mm solid material  bonded to it. This solid surface is particularly abrasive and can't be cut with a conventional TCT cutter. Gemstone worktops are made up with 85% recycled materials that include shell and glass. Although PCD cutters are especially tough, the abrasive nature of Gemstone means the tool will dull and can get extremely hot during use, but this tool can be resharpened to extend its life. Unlike other PCD cutters, this cutter can be used in a hand-held router with a worktop jig .

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