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Trend router cutter maintenance and care


The following pages will give you guidance for generally caring for router cutters and router power tools. This includes inspecting them, cleaning them correctly, and honing them to maintain a sharp edge. Properly maintaining router cutters and other routing equipment is vital for prolonging their life. 

How to check, clean and store router bits - A quick guide to caring for you router cutters to ensure you get the best from them

Sharpening a router bit - A brief look at the process of honing or sharpening router cutter blades for a clean and accurate cut

Also, cleaning and storing routers. 

coating to prevent rust - rust prevention spray that's perfect for router cutters and router bits

One product produced by Trend that is ideal for use with router cutters or router bits is their rust protection and prevention spray

Wonkee Donkee Trend supply router cutter, routers, accessories, and equipment to clean, sharpen, and preserve router cutters and other similar tools. 

A quick look at the spare parts available for router cutters from Trend

Routing technology from Trend is top quality. Trend are a UK based company selling routing, woodworking, and industrial tooling. There are a number of spare parts you can get for different router bits and router cutters, particularly various types of bearings are available. 

Trend produce high quality routing products, including power tools, accessories, and spare parts. Other woodworking products they supply include sharpening diamond stones and saw blades. 


Spare parts for router cuttersBearing guides for router cutters and router bits

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