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Trend router cutters - Overview of the different router bits available from Trend

A look at the excellent range of router cutters produced by Trend

What is a Trend router cutter? - Router bits, or router cutters, that are produced by Trend UK, including the history of the router bit.

What are the parts of a router cutter? - Looking at the parts found on router bits, including details of each individual part of a router bit.

What are the different methods of guiding router cutters? - What guiding functions can be found on router bits


Wonkee Donkee is a supplier of Trend routing and woodworking tools, ideal for professional tradesmen and DIYers. We deliver across mainland UK and aim to offer the best possible prices on the whole range of products.


Find us and other Wales based company at - Powys Local Business Directory  


Router bits for hanging doors Powerful hand held router wet and dry vacuum for workshops using a wood router Woodworking safety googles and glasses




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