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Using a router -

The titles under this section run through using a router powertool. Routers are popular woodworking tools

A basic look at using a router, with sections covering - 


Tips for using a router - Some brief advice for using your router

Common routing applications - Some of the things that routers are commonly used for

Router speed and router feed rate - Using a router means you need to know a bit about the router's feed rate and the speed it should be run at

Adjusting the cutting depth on a router - Adjusting the cutter in the router to adjust the depth of cut you are making

Fitting a router cutter in a router - Attaching the router cutter to the router collet so it can be used correctly

Mounting a router in a router table - Using a router in a router table increases its versatility

Using a router jig - Jigs are power tool templates, router jigs are specialist templates for use with routers 

Routers and dust extraction - Using dust extraction vacuums with routers


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