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What are jointing router cutters?

  Jointing cutters  
  Examples of different types of jointing router cutters  

Jointing router cutters are used for producing a variety of common woodworking joints.


Some jointing router cutters are capable of cutting both parts of the joint, while other types may require a few basic hand tools, or even an additional router cutter of a different kind, to shape each component required for the joint.



  Two-fluted jointing router cutter  


Most jointing router cutters have two flutes and so should produce a reasonably clean finish in materials.

  Image to show that jointing router cutters do not come with the bottom cut facility  

Bottom cut

Most jointing router cutters do not have the bottom cut facility, as they are typically designed for routing the edge of materials. 

  An example of the types of guides that can be used with jointing router cutters  


Some jointing router cutters have a pin or bearing guide located beneath their cutting edges. Others do not have a guide, and so require a side fence, back fence, or other similar aid for them to follow.


Applicationsjointing cutters

  An example of one of the types of jointing router cutters available - a finger jointer  

There are several different types of jointing cutters, each for particular applications. 


For more details on these and their applications, see:  What are the different types of Trend jointing router cutters?




Jointing router cutters are available in the following Trend ranges:

  The TREND Professional TCT router cutter range    
  The TREND Craft Pro router cutter range    
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