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What are the different woodworking safety products available from Trend?

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Safety in woodworking and routing

  Dust extractors and respirators from Trend UK  

When woodworking, or completing other similar building or DIY tasks, dust can be a huge problem, especially with routing. The National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety have set limits they recommitted for exposure to airborne dust, but these will be very quickly surpassed with most matching or sanding tasks when woodworking, and especially when routing. Exposure to these tiny particles can cause many problems, including lung congestion, allergies, irritation of sinus and nasal cavities, and in extreme cases, even cancer.   


Dust extractors and air cleaners are invaluable at removing the larger particles you could be exposed to, but it’s always recommended you use some kind of dust mask or powered respirator when you are producing any dust, and is you are working nearby afterward. For protection from flying chips, or if you have facial hair, a powered respirator will always be the best choice. Respirators may be the more expensive choice, but they will usually be the safest, especially if you buy from a trusted brand. Alternatively, if you find a half-face dust mask more comfortable, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that’s top quality and wear a decent pair of safety goggles with it.

  Dust is a problem when routing. Trend supply top quality safety products for use in woodworking  

Trend is a trusted brand, with products engineered to the highest specifications. Their safety equipment is no different, and they supply a number of tools to make any project as safe as possible.  

  Dust extractor from Trend UK wet and dry  

Dust extractors

Trend produce a semi-professional use dry and wet vacuum, which is suitable for workshops and trade use. The T31 is a powerful extractor with extra long power lead and hose, and a capacity of 35 litres. 


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  airshield pro respirator  

Airshield Pro powered respirator  

This respirator provides full protection during woodworking applications and is suitable for use when working with MDF. It meets current safety standards and has a range of optional accessories and spare parts available.

  Airace dust mask for woodworking from Trend UK  

Airace safety respirator 

This half-face dust mask is designed for various trade tasks, including industrial and construction work, as well as DIY. The replaceable filters mean it will last and continue working at its optimum.

  safety goggles from Wonkee Donkee Trend  

Safety goggles and safety spectacles

If you're only using a half-face dust mask it's advisable to also wear eye protection. Trends safety goggles  have an adjustable strap and provide all round eye protection, and their spectacles have a stylish wrap around design frame and curve lens for a comfy and secure fit, available with clear  or grey  lenses.


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