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How to check, clean, and store Trend router cutters

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Checking Trend router cutters


Before and after each usage, it's best to check your router cutter or bit thoroughly for the following:

  Chips and nicks on router bit. Wonkee Donkee Trend routing products  

Chips, nicks and scratches

A few small abrasions on the cutter should not pose any problems, but a deep gouge will collect dust and waste chippings when working. A build-up of these can throw the cutter out of balance, preventing it from spinning smoothly in the router. Nicks in the cutting edges can usually be corrected by resharpening them, but any damage to the surface of the shank will prevent it from spinning properly and so the cutter will need replacing.   



Ensure your router cutter, or bit, is rust-free before using it. The shank of the bit can be particularly prone to rusting, especially if the cutter is left in the router between projects. A rusty shank will not sit in the collet properly, causing the cutter to vibrate when the router is in action. You can prevent rust by storing your cutters in a clean area free from moisture.  If the rust is not too deep, it can usually be removed with Rust Buster spray.   

  Rusty router bit - check router cutters regularly for rust  
  Router bit, debris  

Dirt, dust or resin

If you clean your router bits regularly, there should not be a build-up of debris. If dirt or resin is left on the bit for a long time, it can harden and is very difficult to remove once you finally come to clean the bit. As well as this, a clogged bit will not be able to cut or remove material properly. Cutter and collet care packs contain everything you need clean and care for you bits, router, and collet.   



Make sure the bit is completely clean and dry before inserting it into your router. It is particularly important that the shank is dry and free from oil otherwise it will slide around in the collet. You must also ensure the cutter is completely dry before it's stored to prevent rust.

  Water bubbles - check router cutters are dry before you store or use them  

Cleaning and taking care of Trend router cutterscare kit for router cutters

  Cleaning your router cutter or router bit and collect  

Keeping the router cutter, or bit, clean is very important, and it's recommend that you clean it after each use. If you are cutting a resin rich timber, like pine, you'll probably need to clean the router cutter more regularly. If your cutter has a guide bearing, you should always remove it before cleaning. This is because the bearing is oiled internally to keep it turning smoothly, and a cleaning agent could dissolve this oil. 


If there is a build-up of dust or resin on the surface of the cutter, including the shank, give it a good coating of tool cleaner, like Spray-on resin remover & bit cleaning liquid, and leave it to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not leave the cutter lying on a workbench or table, or the cutting edges may become damaged. Once the cleaner has loosened the dirt, you can use a brass brush to remove it and run the cutter under some warm water to remove the remaining traces, but ensure it's thoroughly dried afterwards. 

  Cleaning your router cutter or router bit and collect  
  Cleaning your router cutter or router bit and collect  

Finally, coat the cutter with a rust protector and lubricant spray before storing it to prevent rust and extend the life of your bit. Trendicote PTFE Spray can also be applied to your cutter to prevent the build-up of resins with future use, this should make them easier to clean each time you use them.


Check individual instructions and care guides before cleaning a specific cutter, and only use products recommended by the manufacturer.  


Don’t forget the collet!

It's also important to clean the collet of your router after each use to avoid transferring any dirt or resin to the cutter and also to ensure that the shank of the cutter sits properly in it. You can do this with a rag and some cleaning agent, or for a more thorough clean, you can use a small wire brush, like those included in the collet brush kit or the cutter and collet care kit, to reach inside the collet.

  Cleaning your router bit after every use. Keep the collet clean as well to ensure the router works correctly  

Storing Trend router cutters

  Plastic fishing tackle box makes a great storage area  

How you choose to store your router cutters will largely be down to personal preference, but there are a few things you might want to bear in mind. Router cutters are best stored individually, with their cutting edges facing up to prevent damage. Most brand new cutters will come with a protective cover which is ideal for storage.    cleaners for router cutters


Before storing your cutters, coat them lightly with a rust protector and lubricant spray. You can also help prevent your cutters going rusty by storing them in a clean area that’s free from moisture. try and avoid throwing your cutters back in the toolbox when you're done. This is likely to cause the shank and cutting edges to become knocked and damaged.    

  Cleaning your router cutter or router bit and collect  
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