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Parts of Trend router bits

Router bits and cutters for woodworking

The pages that follow detail the different parts of router bits.

Router bits have various features and parts that will effect their cut. Wonkee Donkee Trend supply top quality woodworking and routing products at competitive prices, exclusively online. We deliver across the mainland UK.

Shank sizes and details of different shanks on router bits are detailed in the following sections. 

The flutes of routing bits are the parts that actually cut as they have blade edges. They come in different forms and shapes for various tasks. What the shear angle of router bit flutes and what the relief angle of their flutes is also covered.

Details about guide pins and guide bearing found on routing bits and some advise on which might be better for using for different tasks. 

Routing bits may seem like a relatively simple woodworking accessory but they are comprised of various parts. Bits come in many different shapes and sizes, so they can produce a range of grooves and shapes in timber and other materials. If you want to browse our range of CraftPro, Professional, and Trade router bits just click here.


 Chester boys and boden builder's merchants with a selection of routing products Boys and Boden in Chester - large builder's and plumber's merchants that supply Trend router technology Routing information pages for using handheld router and other woodwork tools and accessories




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