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What is a chamfer?

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  Chamfer and bevel cuts from above and on side  

A chamfer is an angled cut made across the corner of a material, to remove the 90-degree edge. It is similar to a bevel cut, but does not extend across the entire profile of the material, instead, it creates a flattened corner. Chamfer and bevel router bits both look similar to each other, and can occationally be used interchangeably.

  V-Groove bit and Chamfer Bit  

A chamfer cut can be made using a V-groove or chamfer router bit. Bevel bits can also make chamfers, but the angle of these bits is likely to be different to chamfer cutters. 

  Mitre Joint and Chamfer Bit  

A chamfer cut is often made when constructing a mitre joint. This involves making a 45-degree chamfer along the edge of two pieces of material and then attaching them to form a 90-degree corner.


A mitre joint is often used to make picture frames.buy router cutters

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